Rating: 7.9 (17 voice.)

Harsik [Episode 1189 - 08/03/2020 Full]

  • Producer:Ismail Umar Khan
  • Film Genres:Armenian TV series / Harsik
  • Year, country:2017 | Armenia
  • Translation:[Armenian]
  • Time:00:18:37
1 21:00 03-08-2020
Harsik Episode 1189
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  1. Elen 3 August 2020 21:42
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    Vay mama Jan mart inchkan petka char lini xexch knojic vrej luci ba txamartes gna arach kayni bjishki u asa, inz tvuma vor Mangalaji kmahana vor erexen @ntuni iskakan mor bayc ete erexu vrael krakec el Chem nai