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“Above the honor”. A person’s life can change in one day, and it’s possible to lose everything and be left alone against the life and past. The only way to reconcile with the past is to correct the mistakes of the past. The honor of the family, the honor that will be saved by revenge, is at the stake.

The run of a new multi-episode melodrama directed by Elena Arshakyan will start on March 14.

  1. Selena Selena24 February 12:06 Ариан, Aveli lav chi lini, duq cer mtqery ruseren greq, the Che rus tarerov hayereny lriv mortum a.... Sirun Sona [Episode 36 / 02/24/2020]
  2. Maga Arm Maga Arm24 February 10:25 Inchi anons@ der cheq gcum?... Yerkusov [Episode 80 / 02/21/2020 Full]
  3. Հյուր Yana Հյուր Yana24 February 00:09 Բա ուշացած սերը... Magdalena Mnatsakanyan
  4. Հյուր Yana Հյուր Yana24 February 00:07 Ինքը նաև <<Դոմինոյում>>է խաղացել... Gayane Avetisyan
  5. Հյուր Yana Հյուր Yana24 February 00:06 Ինքը նաև <<Տան դեմում>> է խաղացել... Viktoria Sahakyan
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