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Armenian films provide you with an opportunity to plunge into a completely different world, which is not similar to the one shown in Hollywood or Russian movies. Only such movies have their own special, unique atmosphere and view of life. Many people like to watch Armenian films because this is the way they can get acquainted with the cultural heritage of this region and this people, live through great tragedies together and sincerely rejoice at the bright, happy moments in the history. Film making in many genres is still going through infancy, but it makes watching Armenian films even more interesting. You can virtually get acquainted with the existing point of view on the things, which may have already been shown to you as viewers before, but the other way round this time.

These works are very good for those who learn Armenian as well. You can use them as a kind of educational content, listen to the pronunciation carefully, learn to identify particular phrases and words by ear. Since getting movies in Armenian nowadays is quite simple due to the possibilities provided by the Internet, you have a lot of room for maneuvering in terms of studying. It’s noteworthy that films can also become a very good help because the actors, unlike people in real life, speak clearly and distinctly, don’t distort the endings. And, as a rule, you can hear classical speech here, without adding various influences and dialects. Moreover, in most films, the conversations are slow enough, so that you could easily understand the words.

At the same time, when watching various films, it’s easy to get acquainted with patterns of emotional or calm conversations, even listen to how certain phrases sound when they are actually shouted. Besides, the dialogues may be pronounced quickly or slowly, so you have an opportunity to choose any options to your liking. You’re free to watch films of the genre you like the most. They even soot horror and fantasy movies in Armenia nowadays. Although making films in the latter genre has just begun, the first experiments in this direction are rather interesting. In 2019, a lot of interesting new films have been released. They are aimed at entertaining, pleasing or igniting love of this land in the viewer. In most cases, Armenia is shown with amazing love.

The well-known sense humor of this people is quite enjoyable. After all, comedies have always been a strong point of Armenian film industry, and over time, nothing has changed much in this regard. It’s so easy to watch so many adventures and quirks of fate on your screen! And it’s completely free, in high quality. Moreover, our site has a convenient search system developed specially for you.

Zulali film 06 October
Year, country:2020 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Drama
Producer:Hayk Ordyan
Actors:Hemine Stepanyan, Artem Melikyan, Mikhail Gomiashvili, Marina Petrosyan, Arman Navasardyan, Kristina Hovakimyan, Artem Azaryan
Translation:Original [Armenian]


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Mi angam dprotsum movie 14 April
Year, country:2021 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Comedy
Producer:Harutyun Khalafyan
Actors:Arpi Gabrielyan, Rafael Yeranosyan, Mkrtich Arzumanyan, Alexander Arzumanyan, Grigor Danielyan Vahagn Galstyan, Ara Sargsyan, Stepan Hovhannisyan, Dalita Avanesyan, Arthur Begjanyan, Serj Arakelyan, Anush Hambardzumyan

Mi angam dprotsum...

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De Tjja / Դե Տժժա / Де Тжа (2016/Фильм/Full) 09 February
Year, country:2016 | Армения | PersonaJe и Persona Grata Group
Film Genres::Armenian films / Comedy
Producer:Айк Кбеян
Actors:Арсен Григорян, Анна Григорян, Артем Карапетян, Артак, Гаяне,
Translation:Оригинал [Армянский - հայերեն]

Отрывайся! - "Артак работает в в одном из Ереванских кафе в качестве официанта. После неудачной попытки в бизнесе, он становится должником Уроду Або крупную сумму денег. Дело возвращения денег...

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Siro Gortsakic / Սիրո Գործակից / Сиро Горцакиц (2015/Full) 01 February
Year, country:2015 | Армения | KarginTV
Producer:Арман Марутян, Ваагн Хачатрян
Actors:Айк Марутян, Этери Восканян, Гарик Папоян, Армине Погосян, Рудольф Гевондян, Луиза Нерсесян, Женя Мкртумян, Хорен Левонян, Анна Арутюнян, Левон Арутюнян, Арман Навасардян, Рафаэль Ераносян, Армуш
Translation:Оригинал [Армянский - հայերեն] (возможно и будет русское версия)

Дамы и господа, в результате сложных, тщательных, но в тоже время интересных и приятных работ наш новый фильм готов представится публике....

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Paxir kam Amusnacir / Փախիր կամ Ամուսնացիր / Беги или женись (2016/Фильм/Full) 01 February
Year, country:2016 | Армения
Producer:Айк Кбеян
Actors:Мкртыч Арзуманян (Mkrtich Arzumanyan), Ивета Мукучян (Iveta Mukuchyan)
Translation:Оригинал [Армянский - հայերեն]

Фильм об обычном таксисте – Агасике, который, водит не совсем обычную машину – “Ракету”, которая очень нравится туристам....

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