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Es menak chem film 08 March
Year, country:2019 | Armenia
Producer:Garin Hovannisian
Actors:Valeriy Osipyan, Nikol Pashinyan, Serzh Sargsyan
Translation:Original [Armenian]

I Am Not Alone / Es menak chem...

1 2 700
Dzyunanush film 04 March
Year, country:2018 | Armenia
Producer:Armen Simonyan
Actors:Levon Harutyunyan, Vasily Sargsyan, Rafael Yeranosyan, Andranik Harutyunyan, Louise Nersisyan, Anahit Ter-Sargsyan, Anahit Ayvazyan, Hovak Galoyan, Artashes Mkhitaryan, Ermina Zakharova, Jean Kalashyan, Alexander Manukyan, Levon Ayvazyan, Taron Ispiryan, Arsen Ohanjanyan
Translation:Original [Armenian]

The Snow Maiden / Dzyunanush...

0 2 028
Shrjadardz film 03 March
Year, country:2015 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Drama / Melodrama
Producer:Armen Simonyan
Actors:Ero Muryan, Hripsime Sargsyan, Anahit Kocharyan, Tigran Harutyunyan, Anahit Ter Sargsyan, Mariam Adamyan
Translation:Original [Armenian]

Turning Point / Shrjadardz...

2 3 698
Dasarancinery film 10 February
Year, country:2020 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Drama / Comedy / Family
Producer:Tigran Nalchajyan
Actors:Stepan Hovhannisyan, Milena Harutyunyan, Ophelia Harutyunyan, Onik Karapetyan, Lilya Gevorgyan, Armen Avakyan, Alla Mnoshyan, Pavel Tadevosyan, Hasmik Hakobyan, Daniel Sirekanian
Translation:Original [Armenian]

Pupils / Dasarancinery...

1 6 072
Vahan Teryan - Vihi yezerqin film 09 February
Year, country:2017 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Biography
Producer:Ella Lazarian
Translation:Original [Armenian]

Vahan Teryan - On the Verge / Vahan Teryan - Vihi yezerqin...

0 1 317
Alexander Tamanyan film 05 February
Year, country:2018 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Biography
Translation:Original [Armenian]

Alexander Tamanyan / Aleqsandr Tamanyan...

0 1 033
Garegin Njdeh film 04 February
Year, country:2013 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Biography
Producer:Hrach Keshishyan
Actors:Artashes Aleksanyan, Mikhail Efremov, Robert Hakobyan, Nazeni Hovhannisyan, Shant Hovhannisyan, Chulpan Khamatova, Horen Levonyan, Yervand Manaryan, Arman Navasardyan, Vigen Stepanyan
Translation:Original [Armenian]

Garegin Nzhdeh / Garegin Njdeh...

0 24 517
Aram Xachatryan -Arvestaget qaxakacin film 01 February
Year, country:2020 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Biography
Producer:Seyran Shahsuvarian
Translation:Original [Russian - Armenian Subtitles]

Aram Khachatryan - The artist citizen / Aram Xachatryan -Arvestaget qaxakacin...

0 1 064
Misht Monte film 28 January
Year, country:2018 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Biography
Producer:Amalia Sargsyan
Translation:Original [Armenian]

Always Monte / Misht Monte...

0 1 707
Es em film 28 January
Year, country:2012 | Armenia
Producer:Vahagn Grigoryan
Actors:Levs Davtyan, Eva Ghazaryan, Rafael Grigoryan, Gnel Urikhanyan, Armen Muradyan, Sos Sargsyan
Translation:Original [Armenian]

This is me / Es em...

0 1 818
Paruyr Sevak - Xaruyq saruci vra film 27 January
Year, country:2017 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Biography
Producer:Ella Lazarian
Actors:Gevorg Haroyan
Translation:Original [Armenian]

Paruyr Sevak - fire on ice / Paruyr Sevak - Xaruyq saruci vra...

0 1 513
Steghtsagortselu banadzev Arno Babajanyan film 24 January
Year, country:2011 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Biography
Producer:Nikolay Davtyan
Translation:Original [Armenian]

The formula for the art of Arno Babajanyan / Steghtsagortselu banadzev Arno Babajanyan...

0 880
Suserov par film 17 January
Year, country:2018 | Armenia, Russia
Producer:Yusup Razykov
Actors:Hambardzum Cabanian, Alexander Kuznetsov, Sergey Yushkevich, Veronica Kuznetsova, Inna Stepanova, Ivan Ryzhikov, Vadim Skvirsky, Alexey Nazarov
Translation:Original [Armenian]

Sabre dance / Suserov par...

0 3 391
Chvyert N1 film 10 January
Year, country:2020 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films
Producer:Hrach Keshishyan
Actors:Ashot Ghazaryan, Sos Janibekyan, Eva Zohrabyan, Aram MP3, Horen Levonyan
Translation:Original [Armenian]

Flight N1 / Chvyert N1...

3 9 798
Anhayt Bazhanord film 31 December
Year, country:2019 | Armenia
Film Genres::Armenian films / Comedy
Producer:Arsho Harutyunyan
Actors:Khoren Levonyan, Nazeni Hovhannisyan, Sos Janibekyan
Translation:Original [Armenian]

Unknown caller / Anhayt Bazhanord...

27 68 739

Armenian films

Armenian films provide you with an opportunity to plunge into a completely different world, which is not similar to the one shown in Hollywood or Russian movies. Only such movies have their own special, unique atmosphere and view of life. Many people like to watch Armenian films because this is the way they can get acquainted with the cultural heritage of this region and this people, live through great tragedies together and sincerely rejoice at the bright, happy moments in the history. Film making in many genres is still going through infancy, but it makes watching Armenian films even more interesting. You can virtually get acquainted with the existing point of view on the things, which may have already been shown to you as viewers before, but the other way round this time.

These works are very good for those who learn Armenian as well. You can use them as a kind of educational content, listen to the pronunciation carefully, learn to identify particular phrases and words by ear. Since getting movies in Armenian nowadays is quite simple due to the possibilities provided by the Internet, you have a lot of room for maneuvering in terms of studying. It’s noteworthy that films can also become a very good help because the actors, unlike people in real life, speak clearly and distinctly, don’t distort the endings. And, as a rule, you can hear classical speech here, without adding various influences and dialects. Moreover, in most films, the conversations are slow enough, so that you could easily understand the words.

At the same time, when watching various films, it’s easy to get acquainted with patterns of emotional or calm conversations, even listen to how certain phrases sound when they are actually shouted. Besides, the dialogues may be pronounced quickly or slowly, so you have an opportunity to choose any options to your liking. You’re free to watch films of the genre you like the most. They even soot horror and fantasy movies in Armenia nowadays. Although making films in the latter genre has just begun, the first experiments in this direction are rather interesting. In 2019, a lot of interesting new films have been released. They are aimed at entertaining, pleasing or igniting love of this land in the viewer. In most cases, Armenia is shown with amazing love.

The well-known sense humor of this people is quite enjoyable. After all, comedies have always been a strong point of Armenian film industry, and over time, nothing has changed much in this regard. It’s so easy to watch so many adventures and quirks of fate on your screen! And it’s completely free, in high quality. Moreover, our site has a convenient search system developed specially for you.

  1. Tigranuhi Tigranuhi05 April 21:52 ya qu kataxac hars😆... Sirun Sona [Episode 65 / 04/03/2020 Full]
  2. Алберт Алберт05 April 21:04 Как я знаю снимки фильма ещё не закончились... Cilicia: The Land of Lions / Kilikia. Arryutsneri yerkir [2019/Movie/16+]
  3. SV.CH. SV.CH.05 April 19:57 hargeli Admin mi xndranq unem ays filmer ktexadreq dzer kayqum... Bloody Mary [18+]
  4. sara sara05 April 19:34 voch greta jan der mi 10 seria nkarac unen... Yerkusov [Episode 107 / 04/01/2020 Full]
  5. Гретта Гретта05 April 19:33 Erexeq indz tvuma inchqan unein nkarahanac arden cucadrel en... Yerkusov [Episode 107 / 04/01/2020 Full]
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