"Armenian sitcoms"

Situational comedies are popular not only among young people. Sitcom is a relatively young genre which appeared in Armenian cinema as fast as melodramas. In the online movie theater ARMFilm.co, you can watch the best sitcoms which managed to gain high ratings due to sparkling humor, a wonderful play of actors and carefully thought out plots. Our site contains a whole collection consisting of situational comedies shot by Armenian directors. You can watch sitcoms in Armenian or Russian - absolutely free and without advertising, at any time you want!

Features of situational comedies

1. The plot has a comedic, humorous line. Sometimes directors combine several genres, for example, comedy and parody. Life situations that any person can fall into are “outlined” In each series. To the protagonist may not be funny at all, because the comic nature of the situation is visible only to the people around him.

2. Off screen laughter is a constant attribute of sitcoms. This tool is used to emphasize funny moments, because each person has his own sense of humor.

3. Permanent characters. Over time, they become just relatives!

4. Each series has a completed plot. This has a definite advantage, especially for those who cannot constantly follow the development of events. After all, to cheer yourself up, to see a couple of episodes of the sitcom will be enough.

5. A variety of themes and characters. The plots of Armenian sitcoms can be built on the relationships of members of one family, a company of school-friends, work colleagues, etc.

You can always find a suitable option for yourself on our site. In addition, the collection of sitcoms is regularly updated. Follow the news!