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Sometimes, the news of show business remind as an action-packed action movie or a maudlin melodrama. There is nothing to be done - the life of the "stars" of show business is very bright, and each more or less well-known artist seeks to maintain his popularity. That is done not only due to their own talent. Good helpers in resolving these issues are scandals or personal events that are flaunted for public review and discussion. You can watch videos dedicated to show business in the online movie-theater Of course, you are more interested in the "starry" life of the Armenian bohemia. Each user of our site can satisfy his curiosity!

Gossip Chronicle: Who cares about it?

First of all, the features of the life of "stars" of show business are interesting to women. But on our site, or rather, under the heading "show business" you will not find any gossip and high-profile exposures, because we provide only verified information. You do not have to read the text, because users can watch videos which they can watch without downloading at any time. If you liked or did not like the material, then you can express your opinion about it in the form of a comment. If you want to share the video with your friends, then we don’t mind! You can do it with one click.

Look in the world of show business and find out the reasons of high-profile devorces, and also get other information that does not overload the brain and is not “food for thought”. We simply offer entertaining content which helps to reduce minutes of waiting and satisfy curiosity. From our side, we ensure regular updates, because the "starry" life is distinguished by the saturation of events and something constantly happens in it!

  1. Հյուր Մանե Հյուր Մանե22 January 22:01 Վախ, Լիլի ջան, էս ինչքան լավն ես, շատ եմ սիրում քեզ... Siro tever [Episode 35 Full]
  2. Milus Milus22 January 08:17 Anita jan qez shat shat enq havanum shat lav xaxum es sari axchik kinoyu hiyanali dayn unes qo... Anita Avetisyan
  3. tatev tatev21 January 16:14 gangan chi mtacum krishnan ura... Ganga [Episode 298 - 01/21/2021 Full]
  4. Ди Ди21 January 15:56 Очень хаотично выставляют анонсы, серии.... После такого нет желания смотреть сериал... Sari aghjik [Episode 58 Full]
  5. Тина Тина21 January 00:13 В телепередаче не пишется назван е фильма . Это что безграмотность... Kentron TV online - live
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