Old Armenian films

ARMFilm online-cinema offers all fans of films to watch Armenian USSR films in Russian or in Armenian- for free, on high quality and without registration. We are sure, that this suggestion will interest all connoisseurs of good films, some of which were made a long before the birth of “average” viewer. The offer is especially actual for Armenians who are far from their motherland and missing their mother country Armenia.

ARMFilm online-cinema works round the clock- wherever there is an Internet. Although, to watch it, you need not only a stable Internet but also the presence of a suitable device - any gadget, computer, note-book or smart TV.

Old Armenian films are the pride and treasure of the nation!

It is difficult to disagree with this, despite the fact that wonderful films and TV serials continue to be made. It is notably that most of old Armenian films "Born in the USSR" are the kind of allowance, clearly showing what a real Armenian should be like. And these scenes have something to learn. In addition, they are still relevant, because many stories can be safely transferred to the present reality. Watching old Armenian films in Armenian is a double pleasure, especially for those who saw them in their in the distant childhood.

Our collection is various in content and periodically new “exhibits” appear in it. Because over the entire history of the existence of national cinema Many genres of films were shot, including comedies and short films. In some tapes, are reflected tragic moments of life, in others - comic. But most Armenian films of the USSR are devoted to eternal topics - friendship, family, love. Here you will find films dedicated to topics, remembering which every Armenian feels unbearable pain. That is the topic of genocide and earthquake, which killed several thousands of our citizens.

Why do we need to watch Old Armenian films?

1. Old films provide an opportunity for some-meetings, for others-contact with great Armenian actors, Among them: Frunzik Mkrtchyan, Bagram Papazyan, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Frunze Dovlatyan, Sos Janibekyan, Albert Gulinyan, Galya Novents, Anahit Harutyunyan and many others.

2. Armenian old films are a reflection of the whole nation after all, their wisdom and originality are shown in them.

3. To arrange such movie shows is especially recommended to those who wants to nostalgic by the past times or know, how people lived in the Soviet period.

4. The talented filmmakers could show an ordinary everyday situation from a different corner and look at her with a completely different look. And this - always causes additional interest from the audience.

5. Watching old Armenian films is especially recommended for those who want to learn more about national traditions and the rich history of the nation.

Arevik film 29 June
Year, country:1978 | Armenia | USSR
Film Genres::Armenian Old Movies / Drama
Producer:Arkady Hayrapetyan, Arnold Aghabov
Actors:Karen Jangiryan, Sophiko Chiaureli, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Khoren Abrahamyan, Ramaz Chhikvadze, Nina Gyuzalyan
Translation:Original [Russian]


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Another five days film 29 June
Year, country:1978 | Armenia | USSR
Film Genres::Armenian Old Movies / Drama
Producer:Arman Manarian
Actors:Elvira Uzunyan, Arus Aznavura, Ashot Melikyan, Yervand Manaryan, Elizabeth Barsegyan, Mr. Ter-Hovhannisyan, Margarita Muradyan, Myron Keogan, R. Makaryan
Translation:Original [Armenian]

Another five days...

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