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Armfilm.co is no longer an ordinary online movie theater where you can watch movies and TV shows in Armenian, but a multifunctional web portal, due to which you can know the latest news and get a lot of interesting information. Video news is a section of the site armfilm.co, where you can find out about the latest events taking place in the world and in Armenia. We touch on the various topics in order to satisfy the interests of our users as much as possible, among which there are sport enthusiasts and people who closely watching cultural life.

To look you can’t read

Now you exactly know where to put the comma, because reading the news is an amateur pastime. Now you do not need to read the news, because you can watch them in video format. Each video has a short description, or rather, an “extended” title, after reading which you will see if it is worth watching that video news or not. To watch the video, you just need to click on the icon. If you liked the proposed material so much that you want to share it with your friends, then you can do it! You also have the right to express your opinion, for which you just need to leave a comment. You have the right to know about all the important and significant events taking place in the state and beyond. We offer watching the latest video news, many of which can have a direct impact on the lives of ordinary citizens. Armfilm.co video news is:

1. Operative update.

2. Coverage of actual events.

3. Thematic sections, due to which you can find out the news from a specific area.

4. High resolution videos.

5. Ability to leave comments.

6. Information is presented in an understandable form.

7. Intuitive interface.

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