"Interesting videos"

The online cinema offers to watch not only TV series and popular TV shows, but also interesting videos. Most videos are directly or indirectly related to Armenia. This section can be a worthy alternative to several popular YouTube channels at once. The subject is different, but all the videos from this section have something in common - increased interest from the audience. Each video material is adapted to the needs of the average user, which means that every visitor of our online cinema can watch interesting videos. Please note that some videos have age restrictions.

Scientific or educational collections of videos?

No one can answer this question, because the plots telling about mysterious events, which can or cannot be explained from the standpoint of science, are demanded among all lovers of everything mysterious, incomprehensible and unknown. In addition to, in this section you will find other materials from the category of secular chronicle and etc. Regular visitors of our website can get acquainted with the news every day, because we regularly update the content, and video materials that become irrelevant are transferred to the archive.

If you are bored with talk shows and entertainment programs, you have reviewed all the series and read the news, then the “Interesting Videos” section will come in handy. After watching the selected video, you can express your opinion about it, for which you just need to leave a comment. If you want to receive notifications about updates, then for that you need to confirm permission to receive instant notifications. Also, you can upload your video, which will be available for viewing after moderation. This feature is available only to registered users.

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