The cultural life of Armenia is the main topic of the “Culture” section. In this section, we publish the latest video news from the area of art, theater, painting, etc. If you are interested in show business, then we devoted a whole section to that topic. Watching videos is more fascinating than reading. That is why, we are sure that watching video news will become a peculiar of ritual for you. All the content on the site is free, and you can share the video news with your friends.

We have something to be proud of!

Fortunately, not all the modern cultural and art figures bearing the Armenian surname are participants in high-profile scandals and showdowns. But users of the site are also interested in such information therefore, considering the interests of the audience we offer a variety of subjects for watching. In this section you will find videos telling about the life of our “stars” who managed to achieve high results due to their talent. We cover important events taking place in the cultural life of Armenia and of the world, as well as publish materials that will be interesting to the theater and art lovers.

We really have something to be proud of, because the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites includes several ancient monasteries, churches and the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin. The objects of the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO include the art of creating a duduk, as well as the magical sounds made by this instrument. Our pride - cross-stones, national epics and cinema, great composers, singers and musicians, sculptors and artists, poets, writers and representatives of other creative professions. In the field of culture and art, always happen events which are insignificant for the world and grandiose for Armenia. And that means that the section “Culture” will stably “grow” with new videos!