Armenian TV series of 2022

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Hatuk bajin, Yntanyoq handerdz, Tnpesa, Erjankutyan arcunqner

National motion pictures have their own unique local charm. For example, the French are famous for their peculiar comedies that have connoisseurs. Besides, their films about love are quite good. As a rule, the plot is romantic, complicated enough, and evoking strong feelings deep down in hearts. British films are distinct in charismatic actors who act perfectly. A peculiar British humor has already become the basis for proverbs.

Armenian art has been gradually becoming a part of the world film making. TV series that are produced within its framework are capable of drawing the attention of viewers for a long time. Here you can find both simple stories (but they are acted out very passionately, sincerely) and extremely twisted plots. At the same time, Armenian TV series don’t follow the path of other works from the CIS or Europe, America, the directors try to find their own path. Due to this fact, extremely interesting and authentic products are created.

Connection of Armenian TV series with the history of the country

Armenian film industry was constantly developing in the shadow of the Soviet one. However, it was developed due to it in many ways. Nevertheless, after the country became an independent state in 1991, a new chance to prove itself occurred. And Armenian TV series were partly devoted to the history of this country, its evolvement, and epic struggle, as well as genocide, which turned out to be one of the worst in world history. Many people (not only locals) enjoy watching these TV series today.

But even if the work itself wasn’t devoted specifically to this topic, the stories of the characters are often directly intertwined with important historical events or with famous historical figures. However, Armenian TV series often cover the most basic everyday issues. You can see it, if you watch them.