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Armenian TV channels

Every resident of Armenia now has a great opportunity to watch his favorite movies, TV series, talk shows, news and other TV shows online in any convenient place. Wherever you are - on vacation, in transport, in a public institution or in nature, you can watch your favorite channel without any problem wherever there is an Internet access. And it’s very comfortable, because now you don’t have to rush home to watch the next series of the Armenian or foreign series, an entertaining show or a concert. Due to our site, all Armenian TV channels are now available for watching from your phone, laptop, computer or other gadget.

Just choose the right TV channel and watch it online for free and in good quality. Even if you are abroad, far from Armenia, you can always watch any TV channel presented on our website you want in live.

We have created excellent conditions fot that

1. We have collected the most popular and interesting Armenian TV channels on our website.

2. We have provided the ability watching them online anywhere where there is an access to the Internet.

3. We offer all TV channels of Armenia to watch for free and in good quality.

4. We have provided the opportunity to watch Armenian television without reference to the TV set.

Everything is very convenient and simple – come to the site, select a channel and watch it live, wherever you are. So you can usefully spend a lunch break at work, fascinatingly pass the time on a trip and even in line. With our help, your favorite TV series, films, TV shows and other shows are now always with you, in your gadget. And even at home you don’t have to argue with your family members about which TV channel to watch. You can easily give in to children the TV for watching cartoons, and you can comfortably sit down in a chair or on the sofa and watch TV online on a tablet or laptop.

  1. N N18 January 19:49 Shat geghecik er... Առևտրամոլը [2009/ֆիլմ/հայերեն /16+]
  2. Alisa Alisa18 January 19:41 nereceq inchu tapkin chi cuyc talis... Tapki [Episode 321 - 01/15/2021 Full]
  3. Lusin Lusin18 January 18:39 Aseq eli es vorteghiceq vertsnum es kaysruhi ki seriyal@ De nkati unem te vorteghiceq ayn nayum... Ջումոնգ լեգենդի արքայազնը [1-32 սերիա][2006/հայերեն/18+]
  4. Guest Liza Guest Liza18 January 17:51 Erexeq gnahateq astxerov vor Lav asxaten Mi boxoqeq 🤩🤩🤩🤩... Ջումոնգ լեգենդի արքայազնը [1-32 սերիա][2006/հայերեն/18+]
  5. Taron Taron18 January 16:59 hargeli admin inchu Chi bachum fillme... Այն [2017/ֆիլմ/հայերեն/18+]
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