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Interview with Arsen Ghukasyan 26 December
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56 days in the prison of Baku 25 December
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How does the native Armenia live and how does it breathe? What events take place in the world of culture, art and sport? What are political parties doing, and what steps is the government taking to solve internal problems? On the website you can find useful information about important events taking place in Armenia. That is not a very simple online cinema offering its users entertainment content. We have a section called “Video News”, in which new subjects are constantly being added, including those related to life in Armenia.

Who is it for?

The information offered to users of our site for familiarization in subsection “Armenia” will be especially interesting for Armenians living in other countries of the world. It is noteworthy that its overwhelming majority, like the population of Armenia does not exceed 3 million people, while the number of the Armenian diaspora is 3 times more! This rubric is like a meeting with the motherland for those who are hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away from it! We will be glad if, you leave a comment and thereby express your opinion after watching the videos.

Why is it worth using our site?

1. The web resource is diverse in content, and it presents both entertaining and informational content.

2. You will know the latest news from Armenia, and you don’t have to “read the letters” to get acquainted with them. Short but informative videos will tell you what you wanted to know.

3. It is possible to subscribe to notifications, which will allow you to receive information as quickly as possible.

4. We talk about different events in simple terms.

5. High image quality, excellent presentation of video materials.

6. Regular updates, due to which you will know about the latest events.

  1. Гость Anahit Гость Anahit27 January 11:18 miguce gceq? gitem wor serialy patrast ka bayc te xi cheq qcum chem karum haskanal imasty... Kaysruhi Ki [Episode 52 Full]
  2. Կարեն Կարեն27 January 01:05 Հնարավոր չի ավելացնել բոլոր սերիաները?... Ջումոնգ լեգենդի արքայազնը [1-41 սերիա][2006/հայերեն/18+]
  3. А. А.27 January 00:19 Спасибо, что восстановили звук... Harsik [Episode 1328 - 01/26/2021 Full]
  4. Арма Арма26 January 21:56 Включите звук... Harsik [Episode 1328 - 01/26/2021 Full]
  5. Гость Mariam Гость Mariam26 January 21:28 Snorakal em vor du kas... Гор Епремян / Գոռ Եփրեմյան / Gor Yepremyan
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