Rating: 9 (47 voice.)

Супер Мама / Սուպեր Մամա / Super Mama

  • Producer:Арман Марутян, Ваагн Хачатрян
  • Actors:Айк Марутян, Гарик Папоян, Ани Хачикян, Самвел Саркисян, Арман Мартиросян, Арпи Габриелян, Левон Арутюнян
  • Film Genres:Armenian films / Comedy / Family
  • Year, country:2014 | Армения
  • Translation:Оригинал [Армянский]
  • Time:01:48:45
4 13:40 23-04-2015
The film "Super Mama"

"Super Mama" Armenian comedy is for everyone who wants to laugh and thereby raise their mood and, the most important, prolong their lives. You will definitely like the plot of the Armenian film Super Mama, as you will have to watch how a man can smoothly transform into a woman. And he needs it to achieve his goal. And the Actor Karen's goal is to gain material benefits. Karen reads somewhere that single mothers are being provided with material assistance and home. So she decides to appear as a single mother and a street child helped him. How will this all end, and whether Karen will get what she wants, you will know by watching this comedy.
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  1. Армине 22 February 2019 19:32
    • 0
    Фильм просто СУПЕР
  2. Армен 19 January 2018 18:52
    • +3
    отличный фильм!
  3. Арсен 27 December 2017 19:41
    • 0
    Советую посмотреть!!! relaxed
  4. Gladiator 4 November 2016 20:03
    • +1
    Супер фильм! wink