Rating: 8.3 (30 voice.)

Открытая дверь / Դուռը բաց / Dure Bac

  • Producer:Аваг Авагян
  • Actors:Ованнес Азоян, Арсен Григорян, Армен Мурадян, Александр Семчев
  • Film Genres:Armenian films / Comedy
  • Year, country:2011 | Армения
  • Translation:Оригинал [Армянский]
  • Time:01:31:31
2 13:38 02-05-2015
The film “The Open Door”

The uniqueness of “The Open Door” Armenian film is not only in the fact that Azeris living in Georgia were shot in the film. By the way, several scenes were filmed in their home. It is noteworthy that in this comedy were shot not only Armenians and Azeris, but also representatives of other nationalities - Ossetians, Americans, Russians, Ukrainians. The film tells the story of the events of the Russian-Georgian war, so it's not surprising that several Georgian actors are involved in the film.

Director Avag Avagyan's message is clear to every reasonable person. No nation wants to fight with representatives of other nations because bad peace is always better than war. To watch a quality Armenian film “The Open Door” you have to accept the offer of ARMFilm.co. We give you the unique opportunity to watch Armenian comedy in Caucasian humor right now, free of charge and without registration. There is no falsehood in the movie "The Open Door", and the characters are so real, as if they were actors, rather than ordinary people.
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  1. Anun 3 May 2018 22:35
    • 0
    Arajin angam vor nayumeyi skzbi 10 ropen mtaceci vor amenahimar filmna.

    Chem karox asel vor sa lavaguyn kamedian e, bayc hetaqrqir e. Uxaki haskanala petq.
  2. Maria 30 July 2016 17:23
    • 0
    Кто перевел это название как Открытая дверь? Может лучше Открой дверь?