Rating: 7.6 (65 voice.)

Игра по моим правилам / Խաղ իմ կանոններով / Xax im kanonnerov

  • Producer:Микаел Багразян
  • Actors:Ани Еранян , Мовсес Еремян , Артур Петросян , Лиза Захарян, Айк Авагян , Артур Саакян
  • Film Genres:Armenian films / Comedy
  • Year, country:2014 | Армения
  • Translation:Оригинал [Армянский]
  • Time:01:31:11
2 23:39 27-06-2015
The film "Game by my rules"

The Armenian film "Game by My Rules" is a youth comedy that is also enjoyed by the older generation. The plot of this film revolves around a girl, Eva. She is a bride and is planning to marry a young man legally. Eva came to Yerevan and found something not so pleasant. A big party is being held in her house organized by Eve's friend. Among the guests there were two boys, one of whom began to assure his friend that within a week the heart of the real owner of the house would belong to him. Young people made a bet about which Eva new. The naive guys do not know that she will be involved in the game, but she will play by his own rules. If you want to know how this movie will end, we recommend to start watching it right now. Any user of ARMFilm.co online cinema can do it for free and without registration. The movie "Game by my rules" can be viewed on any device with internet access. Young but very talented actors took part in the shooting.
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  1. Альберт 7 December 2017 21:53
    • -3
    Света Гзирян,
    сначало научись грамотно писать !!! ес сах кянкс апрумем руссатанум байц шат лав грум картум у хосумем айерен !!!!
  2. Света Гзирян 19 March 2017 18:49
    • +2
    Клас но я помню что Ева в фул- хаусе естт