"Hars Chka 2"

The Online Cinema Armfilm invites all lovers of good humor to watch the Armenian sitcom “Hars Chka”. This series is expected, and the audience was incredibly happy that it finally published and is available for viewing without downloading, absolutely free and without advertising! Sitcom is designed for young audience, but if it arouses spectator interest among representatives of the older generation, then we will be extremely happy about it! Watch the sitcom “Hars Chka” right now, watching which will be a great way to spend your time. We guarantee that this film masterpiece from Armenian filmmakers will cheer you up and you will look forward to the release of a new series, the appearance of which we will respond promptly.

Features of the sitcom “Hars Chka”

This series is a classic situational comedy, as evidenced by the relevant signs - offscreen laught, not too long episodes with a finished plot, the same main characters, sometimes absurd, but very funny situations that no one would like to be in. Famous Armenian actors - Grigor Danielyan, Levon Harutyunyan, Elen Asatryan, Gor Hakobyan, Ani Khachikyan and others took part in the filming. The shooting of the series has not ended yet, but the director Armen Petrosyan directs the process. It is noteworthy that earlier the audience was mainly interested in melodramas. But over time, the sphere of interests expanded, as the popularity of the best “Hars Chka” shows!

Watch the comedy series “Hars Chka” in Armenian in high quality. The online movie theater Armfilm gives this opportunity to everyone who cares about national cinema. Laugh and we will care for you to have a reason for joy!