We offer you to watch the situational comedy "Kinstagram" on the site armfilm.co! This offer will be especially relevant for girls and women who like love stories and are not without sense of humor. The filming of this film was directed by Harut Shatyan. At one time, Harut took part in the Golden Apricot cinema festival, where he presented to the audience the film “Marathon”. The shooting of the sitcom “Kinstagram” was attended by Armenian actresses and actors: Liana Vanoyan, Diana Tores, Emma Mkrtchyan, Kristine Yeghoyan, Narek Melikyan, Gosh Hakobyan, Arus Tigranyan, Norayr Nikoyan, Seyran Movsisyan.

The Summary

The sitcom “Kinstagram” tells about the life of young women, keen on the Instagram. By coincidence, four girls were under the same roof. Each of them had her own story, experience of love relationships and even personal tragedy. One of the heroines was so disgusted with personal problems that she decided to share them. With her submission, the page Kinstagram was created, which was subsequently joined by other girls. The monotony of the Budyon ladies was interrupted by a womanizer bearing the name Narek, who managed to turn the heads of all four. But to whom will the guy give his heart? You will learn about this after watching all the episodes of the sitcom “Kinstagram”.

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