"Papuk khaghaliq"

Do you remember the Armenian sitcom “Fake Mom”? If you forget it, you can refresh your memory, because you can watch this Armenian series at any time you want in the online movie theater armfilm.co. What is the connection between the series “Fake Mom” and “Papuk khaghaliq”? The fact is that both of these sitcoms were shot by the Armenian director Harutyun Khalafyan. Not everyone knows that Harutyun not only makes films, but also acts in them. For example, in 2010, he played one of the roles in the film "The School of Angels", which he directed himself!

But let’s go back to Papuk khaghaliq. This phrase is translated into English as “soft toy”. This film has such a name because it was shot based on the legendary French film "The Toy" with Pierre Richard in the title role. In the Armenian version, the plot develops in a slightly different vein, but be sure: you will like everything that happens on the screen. Famous Armenian actors, known from other films, including the “Fake Mom” sitcom, took part in the filming of the film. They are: Anush Arakelyan, Narek Haykazyan, Mkrtich Arzumanyan, Tsovinar Martirosyan and others.

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