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It so happened that a huge number of Armenians live outside the borders of Armenia. To preserve the native language and have an idea of what the historical homeland lives and “breathes”, ethnic Armenians living in other countries use informational, entertaining, educational web portals. Their distinctive feature is that all content is presented in Armenian. online cinema are especially popular, due to which you can watch Armenian series, films, clips of TV shows, as well as get acquainted with useful information.
One of such portals is

Features of the online movie theater "Merojax"

Individuality is not characteristic for most online cinemas. Because they all offer approximately the same content and the same conditions for users. For example, the lack of advertising, HD-quality, a large selection of films and TV series, free viewing, additional options. Unfortunately, there are few online movie theaters on the web that can offer their users something more than free viewing of TV series, Armenian films and TV shows. That does not apply to at all, because on the web you can find something that you don’t mind spending your free time on.

1. TV series.
2. TV shows.
3. News videos.
4. Clips.
5. Feature films and documentaries.
6. Cartoons.
7. Radio.
8. Online TV.
9. Jokes.
10. Text news content.

It is worth noting that not only is popular among Armenian-speaking online viewers, but also its closest competitor -, which also presents a very diverse content targeted at users of different age groups.

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