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Kuyr ashkharh [Episode 126 Full]

1 20:51 03-03-2023
Kuyr ashkharh Episode 126
Kuyr ashkharh Episode 126
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  1. Sousana 3 March 2023 03:13
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    Barev: xosqes ughumem scenary heghinakin eve produserine der vorkan petqe sharunakeq Anushey urvakany xaghere sa parzapes anvorak anhetaqerqir eve hognecuciche arten kasey nuwnisky nemanvuem kapikakan xagherer y haskacanq Anushe Annie Tetev dzerkove dejbaxtacel ko kyanqe inchpese Anglerenen asum enough is enough verjapes durs ary ev Avetetin asa qu aselikqnere