"Apake erazank"

Modern Armenian TV series definitely find their audience, and the most important, they will not leave them indifferent! The online cinema ARMFIlm invites you to watch the new series "Apake erazank", which will be interesting for all fans of the melodramas with a deeply dramatic plot. The fact that dreams can be glassy and easily been broken, you will be sure yourself by watching this serial. It is presented on our site in good quality, without advertising and in Armenian. To watch it online, you just need to have a smartphone, notebook or other device with Internet access.

“Apake erazank” is an Armenian TV series which can amaze the grateful viewer with the magnificent acting and the non-triviality of the plot. Famous and not yet very famous actors starred in this film, among them there are recognized masters - representatives of the older generation. You can plunge into the world of real human emotions and feelings, and we are sure that in the process of watching you will empathize with the main characters. Moreover, this series allows you to look from a different angle at the social problems acutely facing modern society.