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Mor Khostumy

A new TV series by the director and producer Elena Arshakyan “Mor Khostumy” (“Mother's promise”)

This is a film about a woman who, for some reason, was deprived of custody of her children and is fighting for its restoration.

With the help of this film, the director wants to show women that they must assert their rights. At the same time, she emphasizes that this is just a series, and she wasn’t going to turn this film into a legal program.

  1. S S12 December 19:57 Vovan chatlaxa Dina qu pes tufta kinoja... Anhasce Tsnvatsner [Episode 147]
  2. Maria Maria12 December 17:16 shat huzich er Marki asacy Manei masin... Yerkusov [Episode 36 / 12/10/2019 Full]
  3. Հյուր ani Հյուր ani12 December 16:56 knereq naren ova?... Yerkusov [Episode 38 / 12/03/2019]
  4. Тезик Тезик12 December 15:03 Лав серяла , просто авелорд маридк кан,у нареи шорере сирун чен,авели синурн карайн Нареин саркел, ... Yerkusov [Episode 38 / 12/03/2019]
  5. Sex Sex12 December 14:34 Dianayn nenc k seksey... Anhasce Tsnvatsner [Episode 147]
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