"Patvi hamar"

The immortal work of the famous Armenian writer A. Shirvanzadeh “Patvi Hamar” (“For the Honor”) was filmed back in 1956. This film rightfully entered the Golden Fund of Armenian Cinema. Many theater-lovers well know the works of this playwright, because the performance bearing the same name can be seen on the stages of many theaters. Director Grach Keshishyan shot the 16-episode series “Patvi Hamar”, which you can watch in the online movie theater ARMFilm.co - for free, in high quality and without advertising. The novelty is already available for watching. New episodes will be added as soon as they become available.

Features of the series

Whoever saw the play or watched the film shot in 1956 at the Yerevan film studio by Artashes Harutyunyan, may not worry that the modern series will not be of interest to him. This serial interested the viewers of different ages, and not only because of its plot and brilliant directorial work, but also because of the fact that great Armenian actors were shot in it: Frunze Amirkhanyan, Sos Janibekyan, Mkrtich Arzumanyan, Alexander Khachatryan and others.

The Summary

Andreas Elisbarian illegally owned property belonging to his partner Arakel Otarian. This man died, and his legal wife, in fact, robbed by her husband’s partner, was forced to leave to Moscow. The only richness that she has, were two children. After many years, being at death, the wife of Arakel Otaryan writes a suicide note in which she says that her husband died under strange circumstances, and all their property was owned his former partner. Evidence of his involvement in that atrocity is in an old village house. The son of death Arakel, Artashes, reviewed that note, who was forced to return to Armenia to bury his mother in her historic homeland and solve the mysteries of the past.