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Shirazi Vard [Episode 208 - 01/07/2021 Full]

4 20:46 07-01-2021
Shirazi Vard Episode 208
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Роза Шираза 208 серия с русскими субтитрами.

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  1. Rho 6 January 2021 01:28
    • 0
    Chem haskanum inchi Jamar Shirazi Vard Chek sharunakum cuyc tal yete cenarist chi imanum inchbes sharunaki inchu a ays cereal sksel shat amot a yerbek Amerikyan serialnerum esbes baner chi Linux.xntrem patasxanek
  2. R.D 5 January 2021 07:49
    • -1
    Would you please tell us why aren’t you continue the Vard of Shiraz, episode 208 if the scenarist doesn’t know what to write or continue the serial she should not start writing it please answer I want to know why?
    1. H 5 January 2021 11:05
      • 0
      hello, Thursday will be, and this week will end
  3. Aa 31 December 2020 20:37
    • 0
    Kcucadrvi aysor haykakan serialner@?

    Inchu chka nor serian