"Shirazi ward"

The new creation of director Elena Arshakyan has already been presented to the wide public. This is the Armenian series «Shirazi Ward», which is not convenient to watch on TV. Because the broadcast is conducted at a certain time and is periodically interrupted by commercials. ARMFilm Online Cinema offers to start watching the new Armenian series right now, from the very beginning. All of the following series will be added as they become available. Every user of the site can watch the «Shirazi Ward» series in Armenian at any time, in good quality and without advertising.

What is the Armenian TV series «Shirazi Ward» about?

In translation «Shirazi Ward» means Rose from Shiraz. Ward (Rosa) - the name of the girl, the main character, for whom fate has prepared many surprises and trials. Shiraz is a city located in the southern part of Iran, widely known for its rich cultural and literary heritage, as well as chic gardens. The serial «Shirazi Ward» tells the story of the fate of an Armenian girl who grew up in a foster Iranian family. She does not know that she is Armenian by nationality, so she took Islam. Rosa loves and honors her parents, who are essentially strangers for her.

Once, a girl received a tempting offer related to employment in Armenia. She comes to a foreign country for her, which is actually her historical homeland. From that moment the main plot line begins, which will surely appeal to the most demanding audience. Special joy from watching the series «Shirazi Ward» will experience fans of Sisian Sepanyan. In this series, he played the role of Rose's brother, Daiwid. Also, other famous actors took part in the project. You can start watching the new Armenian series «Shirazi Ward» right now - for free and without registration!