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One of the most popular Armenian TV channels Armenia TV is now available for online viewing at anytime and anywhere convenient for you. You no longer need a TV to watch an exciting movie or the long-awaited continuation of your favorite series, sport show or news. We ensured maximum access to the Armenia TV channel and opened it for the widest audience.

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    Xi chi bacum?

    Dhata kaxum
    1. Հյուր Anna 17 June 2021 23:11
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    vata esor ashxatum kaxuma
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    Uzum em football nayem bayc chi bacum
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    Armenia Premiumy arden hasaneli e, onarmtv-in aseq, karogh en arden verakangnel herardzakumy
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  7. Гость Гость 2 January 2021 22:22
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    Очень жаль,что ,по примеру Шанта,вы решили перейти на платное вещание.Вы теряете бОльшую часть своей аудитории
  8. Елена 2 January 2021 15:49
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      У меня тоже нету
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    Uzum em zgushaceq kanayq nayem bayc chi linum inchpes karoxem nayel
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      Ani jan hamacancum der amboghjovin tarberaky chka ev hnaravor che ditel