Armenian girls

Armenian girls

Everyone who visited Armenia watched films about that amazing country or fascinating Armenian serials, who lived in the same city with Armenians or talked to them, note the especial beauty and dignity of Armenian girls. There are legends about their attractiveness and talents, you can endlessly watch the dance of the Armenian beauty or listen to how the girl sings beautiful, fascinating songs in Armenian. Young Armenian girls and women subdue not only the hearts of Armenians, but also men from around the world with their beauty, charm, kindness, diligence, purpose, restraint and modesty. Armenian girls are taught to respect elders and men from childhood, to be submissive and obedient, to observe the customs and traditions of their people. But at the same time, Armenian girls are rather proud and, despite their submissiveness and obedience, they can always stand up for themselves and do not let anyone to hart them.

Armenian girls, what are they?

About how beautiful Armenian girls are, confirm photos of young Armenian women that you can find on the Internet, as well as Armenian serials, whose lovely heroines you can admire for a very long time. No matter where they live, in Armenia, in Russia or the CIS countries, in Europe or America, beautiful Armenian girls always catch admiring glances. It is believed that ugly Armenian women simply do not exist, because they all know how to emphasize their charms, carefully take care of themselves, and, the most important, are owners of very beautiful, thick hair and delicate, clean skin, which they carefully look after.

The attractiveness and charm of Armenian women are also confirmed by the fact that they were recently recognized as the most beautiful and seductive girls on the planet by one American site. And that is not surprising, because the nature rewarded Armenian girls with a stunning figure and very beautiful shapes that did not leave anyone indifferent. And besides they have many talents, they perfectly sing and play on various instruments, and everyone who visited Armenians or was in Armenia at festivals or watched Armenian TV serials knows how Armenian girls dance.

Armenian women are very charming and charismatic, purposeful and self-confident so regardless of appearance they achieve great success in life, what is confirmed by historical facts and statistics. As studies show, Armenians are highly educated, very well-read and intelligent people, so many Armenian women were able to achieve significant heights in science, medicine, culture, fashion and other areas of life in different countries of the world.

The Appearance and character of Armenian girls

Those who think that there is a standard appearance of an Armenian girl, the main signs of which are dark hair and eyes, are mistaken. In fact, Armenian girls differ in both appearance and character. Those who live among Armenians or often communicate with them, note a great difference between them outwardly, as well as in manners and behavior. As for appearance, it is quite various among Armenian girls. Many of them have brown and black eyes, ashy-black or brown hair. There are also many Armenian girls with blue, gray and green eyes. And not all Armenian girls are burning brunettes, among them there are many girls with red, golden and blond hair.

Both on the appearance, and the character, of young Armenian girls affects by their environment. So the Armenian girls, some generations of whom lived in Syria or Iran, over time become outwardly and inwardly like to the women of that countries. And the Armenian girls, who have been living in Slavic countries for a long time, acquire some similarities with the Slavs. As well as Armenian girls who grew up in the West, look like Europeans or Americans. But, despite such a variety in appearance, no one can dispute the fact that many Armenian girls are the most beautiful in the world. Therefore, they enjoy such a great popularity not only among Armenian men. The hearts of many foreign celebrities were conquered by Armenians, not only with their chic appearance, but also with character.
What about the character of the Armenian women, it also largely depends not only on their upbringing and national mentality, but also on the country in which they live and grow up. Its formation is influenced by her culture, traditions, customs and mores. No matter how girls brought up in traditional Armenian families, anyway, many character traits would be formed by the influence of the environment. But still, many young Armenian girls stay modest, shy, due to the conservative views of their families. At the same time, they remain kind, nice and patient only until someone offends and pisses them off, because they can stand up for themselves and do not let anyone to hart them. Also, Armenian girls, like the representatives of the beautiful sex of other countries, are capricious, stubborn or irascible.
Also industriousness, cleanliness are grafted in Armenian girls, from childhood, so they grow up as excellent household and ideal wives. The house of the Armenian women is always clean and tidy, everything is cleaned and washed, a lot of tasty food is prepared, the children and husband are groomed, well-fed and happy.

Two categories of Armenian girls

All young Armenian women can be divided into two large categories. Lovely, quiet, calm, modest and well-bred girls living in the very outback of Armenia can be attributed on the first category, where Armenians strictly observe the traditions of their people and ancestors. Armenian women living in the North Caucasus - in Dagestan, Karachay-Cherkess and other Islamic republics also adhere to strict morals. Even in the company Armenian girls, are rather silent and shy, during conversations they may not pronounce a single word, what many Armenian men really like.
But not all Armenian girls are quiet and shy, there are many cheerful, open, talkative young Armenian women who think progressively and in a European way, who like to have fun in night clubs and dance at discos. There are many such active, stylish and incendiary beauties in Yerevan and other large cities of Armenia, and also in communities located in different countries of the world. You can often see girls in short skirts or stylish jeans, with multi-colored hair or bright make up in the capital. These girls belong to the second category.
Many Armenian girls, both in Armenia and in other countries, want to marry the Armenian men. But if a few decades ago, parents selected couples for their children and then introduced brides to grooms, now Armenian girls and boys get acquainted themselves, including through the Internet.
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