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Currently, about 15 million Armenians live on the Earth. At the same time, the population of Armenia is 3 million. About the same number of Armenians live in Russia and France. The number of the Armenian diaspora is 1.7 million in the United States. It is easy to calculate that about half of the total number of Armenians live in other countries of the world. We cite these statistics for a reason!

How to combine Armenians living in different countries of the world?

This problem is solved very simply, due to modern technologies and communications. In the role of the “combiner”, can take the online cinema ARMFilm! This Internet resource is not just an online cinema, where you can watch old and new films in Armenian, but also popular TV shows, fashion clips, etc. Our Internet portal is a multifunctional site with an informational- entertaining directionality.

ARMFilm online cinema has its own blog where you can find interesting articles that are directly related to Armenia. Our online resource is quite varied in content, and we are sure that you will appreciate the materials submitted on the blog. Perhaps they will help you remember the “forgotten traditions” which should not be forgotten by any person who considers himself a real Armenian, even if he has to live outside his native country constantly. We will be glad if our articles help you “refresh your memory” or are sources of new information!

Appeal to users

We want the ARMFilm portal to become a favorite and most visited Internet resource for every Armenian. Maybe you have some suggestions regarding the content of our site. We are ready to listen to them! Write: what kind of topics we must light up so that you can call our site the most informative and useful!